Проектирование и производство
высокоточного нестандартного оборудования
Компания «СпецОборудование» разрабатывает, проектирует и производит нестандартное
высокоточное оборудование. С 2006 года нами реализовано свыше 200 проектов для объектов атомной,
нефтеперерабатывающей, химической, металлургической отраслей промышленности.

The group of companies “SpetsOborudovanie” provides integrated approach in producing and mounting of tanks, containers and other special equipment.
The company’s strategy is to be a reliable and conscientious partner in each contract.
The team of qualified specialists carries out the obligations successfully and guarantees flat-to-flat equipment production and mounting.


  • vertical and horizontal containers, bulk-capacity tanks;
  • air collectors and heat-exchange equipment;
  • columns and deaerator tanks;
  • piping and metalwares;
  • spare parts and accessories for repair and equipping.


  • mounting of tank battery up to 10000 m3, tanks and special equipment, piping for oil&gas, nuclear industry and other highly explosive and dangerous manufacturing entities;
  • construction of buildings and metalwares with height up to 100 m, facilating of oil&gas industry objects;
  • overhaul of equipment.


  • self-regulated organization certificate, GOST R (State Standard of Russian Federation) certificate on vessels and cylindrical devices without internal equipment, in accordance with technical specification 3615-001-62377502-2012, certificates of conformity to GOST ISO-9001-2008.
  • certified welding technologies (carbon, stainless, aluminum and titanium alloys) and certificates for all types of mounting works.
  • welded connection quality control laboratory with non-destructing test methods;
  • 507 employees, own lorry fleet with 53 units with load capacity up to 63 ton.
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